Fluid analysis provides engine insights

Fluid analysis provides engine insights

Chris Adsett2Having reliability or performance problems with your engines and machines but don’t want to incur the time and cost impasse of dismantling the engine and searching for a needle in a haystack? The innovative fluid analysis programs of Techenomics International provide the fastest, most accurate, reliable and cost effective solution to see what is going on inside engines and machines.

The condition of fluids in your machinery says a lot about its overall health and, according to Techenomics, fluid sampling and analysis should be an important component of any preventative maintenance program.

Techenomics uses innovative technology which enables its expert staff, including qualified chemists, to effectively analyse fluid samples.

According to the company’s CEO Chris Adsett, analysis enables Techenomics to anticipate for clients when service is necessary and schedule repairs accordingly. “Not only does this anticipate when replacement is necessary, it helps extend equipment life, prevent major problems and maximize asset reliability from your productive machines, thereby saving valuable time and money,” he says.

Fluid analysis is a very important component of Techenomics’ Customer Personal Service (CPS) strategy for clients, which helps them control costs and increase profits. The CPS can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.


Chris Adsett says, “With a fluid analysis program, you won’t have to guess if it’s time to change fluids or overhaul your engine, transmission or hydraulic system. That’s why oil analysis is an important part of any extended warranty and planned maintenance agreement.

“It establishes a history for each machine that helps every client make informed, proactive decisions on machine maintenance. The end result is less downtime, lower stress levels and the optimising of drain intervals, all of which save you money.”

Next week’s Techenomics release will examine the importance of fluid analysis for the rail industry.

For more information about fluid analysis and Techenomics’ unique solutions contact: Chris Adsett at c.adsett@techenomics.com or Jim Ellison at jim.ellison@techenomics.com.

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