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Oil, Grease & Coolant Sample Extraction

Oil, Grease & Coolant Sample Extraction

IMG-service-sample-extractTechenomics provides onsite oil sample extraction services to a variety of mine sites in the Hunter Valley, Australia and South East Asia. Techenomics highly trained lubrication field staff, collect oil, grease and coolant samples from numerous equipment compartments prior to the equipment service intervals, this allows maintenance planners time to order any necessary parts and schedule maintenance repairs, this will reduce unnecessary down time on equipment.

By using Techenomics lubrication field technicians you can be guaranteed of the sample being taken from the same sample location each time, this will ensure a clean, reliable and representative oil sample.

There are two primary goals in obtaining a representative sample:

  1. To ensure sample is taken from the correct location each time sample is extracted.
  2. To ensure the sample does not become contaminated in the sampling process.

This will provide real time results in the analysis process and ensure the results are not from foreign material or contaminants.

Sample extraction may sound like an easy task, but if taken incorrect will lead to incorrect data reported from the laboratory.

Techenomics also provides an on-site sample extraction service. We collect samples and record all relevant information for oil monitoring and analysis.


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