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Extending Equipment Life

Oil Analysis

Techenomics offer condition monitoring services which include oil analysis, oil monitoring, and lubrication and filtration solutions to fixed and mobile plants, all of which can significantly extend the life of equipment, lower unscheduled downtime and most importantly decrease costs and save companies a lot of money.

Getting Results

Blue Oceans

Blue Oceans is designed to allow maintenance personnel to schedule and record equipment maintenance, including the recording of all oil analysis results, lubricant and fuel usage, and monitor the wear on magnetic plugs and trays.

Nano Technology

Liquid Tungsten

Nano-sized liquid tungsten disulphide (WS2) additives improve the performance of lubricants by reducing friction which lowers operating temperatures and limits metal wear. This results in improved productivity and reduced costs for operators of engines, machinery and hydraulic equipment.

Techenomics International is a multinational company providing cutting edge oil analysis, fluid management and condition monitoring services to the mining, transport, marine, power and industrial sectors. As market demand grew, Techenomics utilized the opportunity to expand its market reach by building several subsidiaries throughout the globe including Australia, Indonesia, Singapore,  Mongolia, and Africa.

Primarily, Techonomics focuses on oil, water and fuel analysis, commissioning and maintenance services, engineering and metal works fabrication as well as condition monitoring services. Besides rooting as a service provider, in 2016 Techenomics was officially registered as sole distributor of WS2 (nano additives) in Asia.

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Excellent Support


…Excellent support in the areas of oil analysis and related services for the maintenance of diesel locomotives…

David Wilcox

efficient Service


…Analysed over 100,000 samples within our specified turn-around time and have expedited this for urgent samples…

Esther Davidson

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We provide Australia-wide oil analysis and condition monitoring services to a wide range of industries.



southeast asia

Multiple oil analysis labs in Indonesia with provision of condition monitoring services throughout South-East Asia




We are rapidly expanding in Africa, with recently added locations in Botswana and Ghana…



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