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OnSpec Lubricants

OnSpec Lubricants

IMG-service-lube-dispensingTechenomics International are the manufacturers and the suppliers of OnSpec Lubricants, The lubricants have been around for 10 years. The range has grown from a handful of products, to now having its own lubricant service trucks and software program.

Starting out as a small line featuring mine greases and rope oils, the popular range has grown to now include a large number of Advantage grease, Open Gear Lubes, hydraulic oils, gear oils, coolants, break out grease, and wire rope lubes sold not only to mining companies in Australia but in Indonesia and Laos too.

In fact the OnSpec lubricant range has gotten so big that today it has its own lubricant service trucks that not only have the capabilities of pumping into bulk tanks but also the capabilities of delivering directly onto equipment in the pits.

Further highlighting the range’s enormous popularity, OnSpec Lubricants also has its own software that can record and trend usage rates on all equipment, graph total site usages and trend lubricant problems with injectors and faulty pumps.

Techenomics manufactures and supplies a specialty range of oil products, lubricants and greases under the OnSpec and OnSpec Advantage brand names.

The Techenomics oil and lubricant product range has grown significantly over the past few years. It now supplies open-gear lubricants, anti-seize compounds, wire rope, and hydraulic, gear, rock drill and automotive oils.

Techenomics lubricant trucks are setup to deal with any on-site lubrication requirement for any equipment. With these trucks we can quickly and accurately dispense lubricants and avoid the contamination issues you would normally face.

Onspec EP Gear Oil 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460 & 680

Premium industrial gear oils designed with extreme pressure characteristics and load carrying properties for use in the lubrication of all types of industrial spur, helical, bevel and worm enclosed gear sets with circulation or splash lubrication systems operating under normal to severe conditions. They are particularly suitable for gear sets working under heavy or shock load conditions up to operating temperatures of 100°C. Suitable heating may be required for the heavier grades at ambient temperature.

Onspec EP Gear Oil 85W-140

  • Excellent load carrying characteristics
  • Excellent oxidisation and thermal stability
  • Superior protection against rust and corrosion
  • Exceptional resistance to foaming
  • Friction modifying characteristics

Mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic pumps and systems operating under normal to severe conditions where an anti wear oil is required. This includes systems with vane, gear, radial and axial piston pumps operating at high or low temperatures, pressures and speeds. They can also be used as circulating oils, bearing oils and gear lubricants. They may be used in equipment containing silver plated components.

OnSpec Rock Drill Oils ISO 22, 46, 68, 150 & 320

Premium oils specifically designed for the lubrication of all types of air tools and pneumatic drilling equipment. They provide excellent wear, rust and corrosion protection as well as displaying very good resistance to water wash-out.

OnSpec Cool Hi-Tech

A premium engine/radiator coolant specially formulated to cope with high ambient temperatures. It will maximise engine cooling efficiency and provide the highest level of corrosion protection for the entire cooling system. It is recommended for the cooling system of all cast iron and alloy combustion engines. It contains Monoethylene Glycol to provide anti-freeze and anti-boil protection.

OnSpec Open Gear Lube

A premium lithium soap thickened open gear lubricant that is designed primarily to provide protection for open gears, bushings, rollers and rails, dipper stick handles and is also suitable for use on wire ropes. Formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, it is lead free and contains no chlorinated solvents. It contains selected polymers to provide extra adhesive strength and resistance to water wash-out in the harshest conditions found in mining and industrial applications. It will resist throw off and also maintain a tenacious lubricant film to protect gear teeth and other metal parts. It has good low temperature pumpability and will continue to perform ain high temperature operating conditions.

It is recommended for the lubrication of large slow to medium, heavily loaded open gears in heavy duty applications such as raglines, shovels and ring gears on cement kilns and ball mills.

OnSpec Wire Rope Lube 10 & 40

The OnSpec Wire Rope Lube series consist of two premium quality special products designed to penetrate, lubricate and protect most types of wire ropes employed in the many and varied industries that utilize wire ropes eg fishing, construction, mining etc. Inpro Wire Rope Lube 10 (brown) is petrolatum based, easy to apply and suitable for a wide range of applications. Inpro Wire Rope Lube 40 is bitumen based and is ideal for use in applications where direct water contact is encountered.

OnSpec Advantage Lithplex 1 Moly Grease

  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Excellent resistance to water washout
  • Excellent resistance to thermal, oxidative and structural
  • Degradation at high temperature
  • Effective in acidic, alkaline & saline conditions

A premium extra heavy duty, lithium complex grease designed to meet the demands of the most severe and hostile industrial and off highway applications and conditions. This grease has been formulated with extreme pressure (EP) and anti wear (AW) additives, tackifiers and adhesive agents that allow the grease to stay put under high water pressure conditions. With 3% Molybdenum Disulphide (moly) it has excellent wear protection for sliding and shock load conditions and is recommended for use in mining, automotive and industrial applications where harsh conditions of high temperatures, high loads and water spray or ingress are encountered.

Its outstanding EP, corrosion and water resistant properties make it particularly suitable for use in steel mills, underground operations, cement, mining, sugar and ore crushing plants. It is an NLGI 1 grease and so is suitable for pumping over distance.

Designed to provide protection against corrosion and metal to metal contact in wide range of automotive, marine, industrial, workshop and domestic applications, particularly where high temperatures are encountered. Its high copper content makes it effective up to 800°C. Due to the inertness of the clay thickener, it can be used in harsh acidic and alkaline environments. Anti seize compound for tool and drilling operations such as mining and oil exploration. Anti seize compound for feed and adjusting screws, linkages and drive chains on earth moving and agricultural equipment. Thread coating for industrial ovens, furnaces and boilers.
Gasket coating for automotive, marine and industrial cylinders, manifolds and exhaust systems. Lubricant and corrosion reventative for acidic, alkaline or saline operating environments such as plating works and timber processing plants.

OnSpec Astra 5000

A premium semi-synthetic extra heavy duty SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil formulated to provide outstanding performance in all types of modern turbo and non turbo diesel engines as well as most modern gasoline passenger car engines. It will provide protection against oil thickening due to soot build-up and high

  • Superior engine cleanliness
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Extended engine life

OnSpec Long Drain

A premium SAE 20W-50 diesel engine oil formulated to deliver extended oil drain intervals in modern low emission diesel fleets engaged in high speed/high load pick up and delivery operations. It is also suitable for use in high performance gasoline passenger car engines.

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