Nano additives for extended engine life

Liquid Tungsten

Nano additives extend the life of your machinery

Nano-sized liquid tungsten (WS2) additives improve the performance of lubricants by reducing friction which lowers operating temperatures and limits metal wear. This results in improved productivity and reduced costs for operators of engines, machinery and hydraulic equipment.


Techenomics is distributing the WS2 additives across Australia, Oceania, South East Asia and Northern Asia because the technology developed by Nanotech Industrial Solutions Corporation (NIS) helps maximise the life and performance of lubricants and greases thereby complementing the total fluid management services offered by Techenomics.

WS2 additives are available through Techenomics to suit mining, construction, industrial, energy generation, marine and transport purposes. There are WS2 additives to suit most oils and fluids, including engine oils, gear oils and greases.

NanoLub additives act like ball-bearings between metal surfaces and exfoliate to repair micro-cracking and spalling in contact situations. They form a micro layer on metals to protect the working surfaces and prevent them from touching.

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liquid tungsten

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