Thiess Contractor Indonesia & Leighton Contractors Indonesia Oil Analysis project

In May 2015, PTTI signed an agreement with Thiess Contractor Indonesia in terms of service provision, lubricant analysis, fuel analysis and analysis of water coolant. During the implementation, in June 2015, Leighton Contractors Indonesia also entrusted to PTTI the analysis of all their oil samples. with a 3-year contract duration, the contract is expected to provide benefits for all parties, especially with the demand for accuracy and efficiency in the application of heavy equipment maintenance programs in the mining industry around the globe.

As a manifestation of the high regard in which PTTI customer support is held, options were also explored to extend the oil analysis programs supplied to Thiess and Leighton to overseas locations such as Mongolia and other locations around the world.


The ability to provide complete support, accuracy and reach throughout the region will be a key determinant of successful implementation of oil condition monitoring program.

PTTI is also currently in the process of finalizing agreements of cooperation with several manufacturing and mining contractors in Indonesia.

If these run well, about 7,000 extra samples per month will be added to the existing services PTTI provides.

This demonstrates that the quality of our services was responded to well & recognized by stakeholders.

One of the aims of our customer service is to always improve the quality of service provided, by continuing to follow the development of heavy equipment maintenance technology, and to synchronize our services with customer needs.

We would like to thank all the customers who have supported our services, and especially to our latest customers - Thiess & Leighton, for the trust given to us to be a partner in supporting their oil analysis program services.