Independence ensures integrity

The independence of Techenomics ensures that the customer always come first. Unlike some major companies, like Volkswagen, we have nothing to hide because we work independently for clients, not for equipment manufacturers or part suppliers. Using the latest technology we accurately analyse the samples we receive in our fully accredited laboratories and provide clients with all of the data. Over time this data is trended and presented in an easy-to-read and understand format providing clients with an accurate picture of engine and component condition.

Working with clients in this manner enables Techenomics to predict maintenance issues before they lead to breakdowns or total failure, thereby saving our clients the cost of expensive repairs, equipment downtime and loss of productivity. Customers operate different equipment in different locations and widely varying conditions which means there is no one size fits all approach – each case is unique and Techenomics works with each client to address their different operating situations.

The VW scandal shows that no corporation, however large or prestigious, can be fully trusted with their testing or claims, which makes using an independent analysis supplier vital. Techenomics works wholly and solely for the benefit of clients which helps them achieve better productivity and gain greater value for money from their engines and equipment.

VW’s installation of software to disguise the true amount of emissions made from its diesel vehicles in a bid to match or enhance official test results has created major waves around the world, tarnishing the VW name and raising suspicion about the practices of other major manufacturers.Some large companies can and do use the data gained from onboard computers for their own benefit and to protect their reputations ... it is not done entirely for the benefit of the client. Their tests are carried out to make them look good at all times and are aimed at hitting the laboratory targets they set.

This is not the case at Techenomics where the customer is always first and foremost in everything we do.