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Truck Fleet Analysis

Would you like to know which truck in your fleet is the next one that should be overhauled? Have you ever had a fuel or water leak into your engine? An engine operating in a dusty environment / dirt roads can very quickly get “blown” if a lose clamp or hole develops in the air…
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Sodium in Oil

  Sodium is a chemical element with the symbol Na. It is among the ten most common element found in the Earth's crust. Sodium is listed in the periodic table amongst the group alkali metals. Sodium can be found in many different minerals, most common is ordinary salt (sodium chloride), halite, amphilbole, cryolite, nitratine and…
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Oil Analysis, Skills and People – keeping you informed

Over the past week, Techenomics have brought you exciting and informative information. We are your key partners in condition monitoring and fluid analysis. We will always listen and strive to give you solutions to improve your corporate outcomes. We are flexible, fast and friendly and prepared to work in any/ all of your operating precincts. This article…
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Water in Oil – How does the Laboratory determine this?

In our last blog we spoke about what to do when we find water in our Oil sample. Today let's talk about the process the laboratories use to determine water in oil. Some samples are quite easy to tell when there is water in the oil, they tend to be milky, cloudy or you can…
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Water in Oil

Hello again Tech Bloggers, Lets kick off today with some tips on what we should do when we find Water in Oil. How many of you have taken a sample and noticed that the sample does not look right? it may look milky or cloudy, or you may even visibly see free water sitting in…
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