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Can the customer provide their own limits?

One of the major advantages of using an independent laboratory is the fact that you can supply your own limits, you can even have the laboratory trend your limits and work with them to establish your own personnel set of limits for your equipment. Unlike OEMS that hide their generic limits and are based across…
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Silicon – What is it and how did it get there?

Hi Tech Bloggers, Over the past few days we spoke about Water in Oil, so why not continue with some other contamination issues we might find in our oil sample, let's look at  Silicon (Dirt/ Dust) entry. What is Silicon? Silicon is a chemical element known as Si and atomic number 14 in the periodic…
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Water in Oil

Hello again Tech Bloggers, Lets kick off today with some tips on what we should do when we find Water in Oil. How many of you have taken a sample and noticed that the sample does not look right? it may look milky or cloudy, or you may even visibly see free water sitting in…
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The nuts and bolts of TBN and TAN.

Good Morning, Recently we have been asked many questions about TBN and its relationship with various other parameters, especially in engine oil. To provide some scientific basis for TBN and TAN I have attached a recent paper on the topic by our Chief Chemist in Indonesia, Ibu Eka Karmila. Please don't hesitate to call us…
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