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Particle Counts

There are many types of Particle Counters available in today's market, each created for a sole purpose in detecting quality by counting particles sizes and number of particles obtained in a sample. Samples may consist of liquids, solids and aerosols. In this article we concentrate on Oil Particle Counters. What are the advantages of Particle…
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Why do we need ZINC

Do you own an older engine like I do? Do you have an old model car you have done up? Maybe an old inboard boat motor? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I am sure you already know how to look after your pride and joy. But just to make sure,…
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The importance of Oil Analysis trending

The information gained from Oil Analysis trending is similar to a music sheet, they both tell a story. Music may give you words and tunes but oil analysis trends provide insight information into the wellbeing of equipment. Trend Analysis is the most common method used to establish patterns within data, these patterns can be of…
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Can you trust your provider?

The word 'Trust' is a powerful word! It typically refers to one's willing to reply on the statement or actions of another. You can only evaluate expectations or provide acceptance over ones statement without evidence or investigation. This uncertainty involves risk of failure or harm if the judgement or desired behaviour of the other is…
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Research Proves TOP UP OIL CAN Control Foaming in Hydraulic Oils

Responding to customer demand, Techenomics Indonesia recently carried out testing that showed with the addition of regular top up, levels of foaming in Hydraulic Oil can be controlled, so as to minimize danger of damage caused by excessive foaming and ultimately reduce costs by reducing oil changes and increasing equipment availability. Foam is a collection…
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