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Can the Techenomics Lab provide a schedule for taking oil samples?

Yes the Techenomics Laboratories can help you in establishing a sampling schedule for all of your equipment. Each equipment will have its own scheduled along with each compartments for those machines. The benefits you gain in having the Laboratory help you with your sampling practices is better techniques and guidelines when and how to take…
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What is your turn around time?

Turnaround times may vary depending on which laboratory you use. Techenomics have laboratories located in Australia, Indonesia, Mongolia, East Africa, Thailand, and Turkey, each of which have a standard they work towards of providing a 24 hour turnaround time, however some clients may have an agreed or contracted turnaround time that might vary. Either way…
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Does the alarm relate to the oil type?

The alarms or limits actually relate more to the componentry in the equipment than the oil type itself. Even though if you were to change oil types or choose to use a heavier or lower grade viscosity, this may have severe impacts on the limits, it still does not have a direct relationship with the…
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Truck Fleet Analysis

Would you like to know which truck in your fleet is the next one that should be overhauled? Have you ever had a fuel or water leak into your engine? An engine operating in a dusty environment / dirt roads can very quickly get “blown” if a lose clamp or hole develops in the air…
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Can you trust your provider?

The word 'Trust' is a powerful word! It typically refers to one's willing to reply on the statement or actions of another. You can only evaluate expectations or provide acceptance over ones statement without evidence or investigation. This uncertainty involves risk of failure or harm if the judgement or desired behaviour of the other is…
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