Static Wear Tray

Static Wear Tray

Techenomics International provides a unique tray monitoring service. Techenomics trained field staff monitor and record all areas of the rear dump tray by using specialised tools that display the current thickness of each plate in each location, this is then recorded by the field staff and later uploaded into the online software, know as Blue Oceans.

From there maintenance planners and superintendents can check the status of the plates and ensure parts and repairs are schedule before they are needed.

The tools and functions that are built into the static wear tray module are very unique as the program has been designed to predict failures before they occur. The software functions utilize Microsoft technologies to enable this precision software to predict the future.
The Blue Oceans software can also accept digital photo’s for editing to record and maintain history or replaced parts as well as cracked, broken or warn sections of the tray from either the under carriage, side or top of the rear dump tray. Clients can also update the digital photo’s via a built in paintshop version that allows them to draw, circle or highlight areas of concern.

This Static Tray Wear module is a program that everyone in the maintenance departments should consider as it can save not only money on ordering in advanced but also save thousands on unnecessary downtime on equipment.