Nano Additives

Latest technology keeps Techenomics ahead

In difficult times for mining, manufacturing and industry in general, it is vital for companies to seek new and innovative methods in order to enhance productivity, boost returns and gain value for money. Techenomics not only stays ahead of the pack by developing innovative condition monitoring and fluid management services for the benefit of clients, we also constantly seek out complementary technology that adds to our complete predictive maintenance services and can help clients reduce costs related to fuel and oil consumption.

This has seen Techenomics form co-operation agreements or partnerships with like-minded providers and led to us being granted exclusive access to nano technology, which helps extend oil life, improve lubrication, boost engine performance and reduce fuel consumption. Nano additives protect and extend engine life through mechanical means rather than chemical use, which deteriorates over time. They help sustain a film of oil on the inner surfaces of engine components, continuously reducing wear metal generation and friction.

komatsu416The value of nano additives to engine performance was demonstrated in a three-month trial conducted in Indonesia. Nano-sized tungsten di-sulphide additive in engine oil was trialled on a Komatsu HD 465-7 Dump Truck with a Cummins SAA6D 120 E-5 engine being used at a coalfield in East Kalimantan.

During the trial engine oil life was extended from the normal 500 hours to 717 hours, or 43%. Fuel consumption decreased by 7% due to lower operating temperatures and reduced friction.The trial also resulted in no increase in iron levels while TBN increased but was still within limits at the end of the trial.The fuel burn rate decreased by 4.7% compared with the previous three months while engine speed increased by 3% and rear exhaust temperature decreased by 4%.

This nanotechnology complements the innovative condition monitoring services provided by Techenomics which predict fluid management issues before they lead to costly downtime.