Fuel Conditioners

Fuel Conditioners

IMG-service-fuel-conditionersOscar Advanced 250 -
Designed to reduce fuel consumption, enhance engine and boiler performance for petrol, diesel and heavy oil users.

Oscar Advanced 250 significantly reduces harmful emissions, and cleans fuel by eliminating bacteria.

Purge Fluid

Designed to clean the entire fuel system, including lines, pumps, injectors and carburetors.

Techenomics supply OnSpec brand Fuel Conditioners that clean the entire fuel system; the engine, tanks, lines, injectors and the fuel itself. These fuel conditioners also reduce contaminants such as bacteria, water and fungus.  OnSpec Fuel Conditioner treats all these problems in one easy step.

Fuel conditioners also create a higher combustion temperature. This increases fuel quality, resulting in an increase in power, cleaner emissions, and improved fuel consumption.

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