Blasting Oil

Blasting Oil

Techenomics International have been asked to recycle 100,000 litres of waste oil from an Indonesian Coal Mine where a savings of over $500,000 per annum are anticipated. The waste oil will be collected in a 10,000 litre bulk tank to await treatment, the product will then be transferred to a secondary tank (Blasting Oil) passing through a filtration unit that will remove free water and major contaminants. The blasting oil will be mixed at a ratio of 35% waste oil to 65% fuel oil. The blasting oil will then be dispensed through a meter into the ANFO truck to be used in the blasting process.

Samples of the “Blasting Oil” will be analysed to verify and certify the product prior to be used in the blasting. The verification will cover water content, viscosity and ISO cleanliness; all results will be reported on before dispensing into the ANFO truck and certified as ready for release.

In carrying out the above, the following will be applied.

Techenomics International will supply a waste / blasting oil skid for removal of water to less than 1% and contaminants to less than ISO cleanliness of 20/18.

The skid will be based on the same dimensions as a sea container with twist locks for ease of transporting. This will require the services of a full time technician to receive the waste oil and then treat the oil through the filtration process, carrying out the used oil analysis for determination of the viscosity, water content, ISO cleanliness and dispense prior to filling the ANFO truck.

  •  The recycled oil will be used in the blasting process and lower the site fuel usage.
  • With an anticipated savings of over $500,000 per annum.

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