Grease Analysis


grease-analysisTechenomics perform grease analysis to test for wear debris, contaminants and water content. The purpose of this grease testing it not to test the grease for acceptance or quality, it is simply to test the equipment for adequate application and contamination issues that may be associated with greases or their systems.

Grease plays a large role in lubricating components in Excavators, Draglines, Drills, Shovels, Rear Dumps and many other pieces of equipment and machinery, if these components do not get adequate or sufficient amounts of grease, they will heat up the component and start causing serious issues, this will increase tension and wear within; and around the necessary parts that require the lubricant to flow and reduce the friction on the components.

If you are having grease issues, such as pumping issues, gear pitting or spalling, fluctuating or increased temperatures, blocked injectors, then you seriously need to have your equipment grease analysis performed. If you are unsure of the technique used for sampling grease on equipment, then you should contact Techenomics to either explain to you how you can go about it, orĀ  have them come out and sample it for you.

Once you have started grease testing on your equipment, you will soon establish a trend pattern that will identify or highlight the issues sounding the problems you are having, you will then be able to address these without having lost valuable downtime or costly maintenance repairs.
Techenomics have been performing grease analysis for over 10 years, our failure analysis technicians "Known as FAT" are able to quickly identify common problems associated with the wear debris or contaminants found with the grease and make efficient recommendations for you to address next time the equipment is in service.

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