Coolant Analysis

Coolant Analysis

Techenomics laboratories are able to analyse water based fluids such as engine coolant. Quality of the coolant can seriously affect engine performance.

As the Automotive Industry grows larger day by day, engine designs are keep on changing making the cooling systems work harder than ever before to protect against corrosion and buildup of contamination. Coolant testing at Techenomics can help to identify the condition of the coolant to ensure proper cooling operation.

Studies have shown that a majority of the engine failures are due to issues within the coolant system.Eventhough coolants are used to prevent problems like pitting, cavitations, corrosion, electrolysis and erosion; improper maintenance of the fluid can create a negative impact on the engine system. Coolant testing can identify these problems and determine the coolant is providing adequate protection. By analyzing the coolant, Techenomics can assist in identifying the quality of the coolant in order to maintain an effective maintenance schedule.

Coolant Test Package