Techenomics and M-Power Australia form a strategic alliance

Techenomics International is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with M-Power Australia to develop markets for Oil Analysis and state of the art condition monitoring practices in Taiwan. M-Power Australia is an organisation that specialises in modern fuel and lubricant enhancers and having already established itself a market position in Taiwan, Techenomics…
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Gearbox Breather Clogging – Filter Barrels

Breathers are an important function of any gearbox. They allow heat to escape and cooling air to enter the system, preventing unnecessary overheating issues. Gearboxes that do face overheating issues will cause other problems to occur, such as an increase in viscosity, a higher viscosity will cause accelerated wear by losing its ability to lubricate…
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OnSpec provides exceptional Lubrication for new P&H 4100 XPC

After providing OnSpec Speciality lubricants to numerous sites in the Hunter Valley for over 10 years, Techenomics welcomes the arrival of a P&H 4100 XPC Shovel that will be commissioned at the end of June utilising OnSpec Open Gear Lube and OnSpec Gear Oil. The Shovel is fitted with a 2000 kilogram tank fitted with…
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Techenomics Reopens Blackwater Office

Techenomics International has reopened its Queensland Coalfields office in Blackwater, appointing Terry Lewis from its Singleton office as the new Operations Supervisor for the region. Mr Lewis, who has been with Techenomics in Field Operations for a number of years believes re-opening the Blackwater Office presents numerous opportunities for the company. “I really think that…
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Oil Analysis Packages

Techenomics laboratories are able to analyse lubricant samples from many different sources including mining companies, power stations, agricultural machinery, paper mills, sea, road and rail freight. Routine testing is performed on Lubricating Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Coolants and fuels. Investigations and reporting are performed by the Laboratory Chemists and over viewed by the chief chemist before…
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