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On behalf of Techenomics International, thank you for joining our community of car lovers and car enthusiasts, and welcome to our engine performance package promotion!
Cynthia Jasmin,
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We are here to ensure your vehicle will be able to perform at its peak, and to extend the life of your engine.

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Your Referral Rewards

Get your rewards starting from:

  • 10 referrals for free oil analysis - Oil analysis will help you to determine the condition of your engine and its performance. Get to know your engine’s deepest secret by taking this analysis and be sure to prevent any damages beforehand!

  • 20 referrals for one suitable container of Liquid Tungsten - Liquid Tungsten reduces your engine wear, exhaust emission while improving your engine’s life and your fuel economy.  Does it sound too good to be true? Well, win it to believe it!

  • 50 referrals for three engine oil analyses and three suitable containers of Liquid Tungsten - Great deal for your preventive measures!

  • 100 referrals for life of vehicle programme of used oil analyses and Liquid Tungsten product. You can now let out a sigh of relieve knowing your ride will be well taken care of!

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