Proven benefits of liquid tungsten nano oil additives in many applications

Benefits of nano additives…

The addition of WS2 nano oil additives improves the lubricating and anti-friction properties of most engine oils, gear oils and greases, leading to lower operating temperatures, greater power and fuel efficiency, and lower component wear.

Liquid tungsten WS2 packs are available to suit many operational requirements, including mining, construction, industrial, energy generation, marine and transport.

In a three month trial at an Indonesian coal project, WS2 was added to Total Rubio T177400 15W-40 diesel engine oil used in a Komatsu HD 465-7 Dump Truck with a Cummins SAA6D 120 E-5 engine. Engine oil life was extended 43% from 500 hours to 717 hours, fuel consumption decreased 7%, fuel burn rate decreased 4.7% compared with the previous three months, engine speed increased 3% and rear exhaust temperature decreased 4%.

Test results:

4-ball ASTM tests on a number of oils have demonstrated the benefits:

  • Tests on Castrol TLX Plus Range Diesel Engine Oil using NanoLub DE-M6000 at a treat rate of 3% showed wear scar diameter decreased 20%. Roller-on-Block Tribotesting Machine tests showed wear scar rate decreased 16%.
  • Tests on Caltex Compressor EP VDL mineral oil showed wear was reduced by about 50% using NanoLub RCX7 at a treat rate of 3%.
  • In Caltex Delo 6130 CFO SAE 20W40 tests showed that NanoLub RCX7 reduced wear by about 15% and the recommended treat rate is 4%.
  • In Caltex Delo 400 Multi 15W40 engine oil treated with NanoLub, wear was reduced by about 15% at a treat rate of 4%.
  • Tests on Total Rubia TIR7400 showed a 16% improvement in wear over two hours. The longer the machine operates with NanoLub, the better effect on wear reduction.

nano oil additives test results

Other trial results:

  • When added to Mobil Delvac 1300, the coefficient of friction was reduced 68% and the 4-ball wear scar 42%.
  • Added to a common brand 15W40 engine oil, wear scar diameter was reduced 37% while the welding point increased 56%.
  • Added to 5W40 Shell Helix, wear scar diameter was reduced 28.8% while the coefficient of friction reduction was 7% over 3500 hours.
  • Added to Shell Rotella on Freightliners, fuel consumption was reduced up to 2.3% on new engines and over 10% on older engines.


Council fleet savings:

An initial trial by a council in regional Australia demonstrated that the use of WS2 additives in its vehicle fleet has the potential to deliver significant cost savings and environmental benefits. Results show a significant reduction in emissions and fuel costs.

The trial of six vehicles of varying sizes and operational uses – a Ford Ranger, Hino light truck, Toro mower, Massey Ferguson tractor and two Hino medium trucks – was part of a move by the council to standardise the operating requirements of fleet vehicles and create efficiencies in exhaust gas emissions, fuel consumption, and equipment and oil service life.

Initial results from all vehicles showed a measurable reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen as well as a reduction in fuel consumption.

The trial has shown that the council could save tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing running costs across the entire fleet by using liquid tungsten ws2 additives, representing a better return on capital investment.

It could also see that added savings could be achieved through extended service intervals, which would reduce waste oil costs, equipment downtime, labour and lubricant inventory.

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