Key Staff

Key Staff

Techenomics International

Chris Adsett

CEO of Techenomics International Pty Ltd and all subsidiaries, also a Substantial Shareholder. Chris has been CEO for eight years, is a geologist with an MBA and 40 years experience in the mining industry covering all aspects including mine management. His international experience covers Fiji and the Pacific, Indonesia, Mexico, The Philippines, SE Asia, Mongolia and East Africa.

Siti Munawarah

Personal Assistant to the group CEO - assisting with business development and sales throughout the company and is regularly on secondment to regional offices.

Techenomics Indonesia

W. Ernaningsih

Operation Manager Laboratories, responsible for management of our group Laboratories in Balikpapan, Sangatta and Banjarmasin.

Freddy Tamara

Acting General Manager PTTI, reports to President Director of PTTI. Has 12 years experience in the implementation of Oil analysis & condition monitoring services to support industrial and mining sector operation.

Ita Saronika Bulang

Lab Manager, responsiblie for our class A Laboratory at Balikpapan, managing quality control, inter-laboratory service, and quality assurance.

Soepiyana Deden

Financial Manager at PTTI, responsible for accounting and financial management.

Darmawan Nugroho

Chief Failure Analyst, responsible for the failure analyst team that supports the laboratory and our customers.

Rachmad Zulkurnain

IT Officer, responsible for support and management of the online Blue Oceans condition monitoring system, and IT support throughout our offices in Indonesia.

Hafiz Yusri

Lab Manager for the Batam office, responsible for the maintenance of the lab equipment.

Techenomics Mongolia

Sugarkhorloo Emgen

Country Manager, responsible for the daily operation of the Techenomics Mongolia office in Ulanbataar, customer relationship building, providing the clients with quotes and other necessary duties required in the office.

Tumenjargal Myagmarsuren

Laboratory Supervisor, responsible for performing calibration and analysis of all oil samples, improving laboratory operations to increase efficiency, develop in conjunction with management, a procedure manual for lab operations, provide training as required for staff and costumers.

Enkhsaikhan Ganbold

Accountant, responsible for accounting duties, preparing financial reports, purchasing, daily office duties, support to lab operations and liasing with customer and suppliers.

Gantogos Ganbaatar

Marketing officer, responsible for improving company marketing, creating and developing new and innovative ways to communicate the company message to our costumers, improve social media audience and engage new clients.

Techenomics Australia