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Techenomics Laboratories

Techenomics Laboratories

Techenomics operates laboratories in Australia and overseas. 

Techenomics can analyse lubricant samples from many different sources including mining companies, power stations, agricultural machinery, paper mills, sea, road and rail freight companies.

We conduct a full range of condition monitoring tests at all the Techenomics laboratories.  Tests range from the basic oil analysis, viscosity, contamination and wear metal content, to more specialised testing such as dielectric strength testing for transformer oil.

Our trained technicians, who are specialists in equipment maintenance and lubricants, review and interpret results and make appropriate recommendations. Through our site-by-site based condition monitoring programmes, our technicians become familiar with specific sites and their particular site maintenance plans. Techenomics therefore encourages client contact with the technical staff in our Laboratories.

Techenomics’ Blue Oceans software manages the sample results for clients. With this software package, users can easily track all their past and present oil monitoring results, in one place. Trending tools are also available for oil and fuel analysis, and for condition monitoring. Blue Oceans software can also provide a flexible reporting format that can be modified to suit the specific needs of customers.

To see how Techenomics can fulfil your lubrication testing requirements, please contact your local branch office.

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We provide Australia-wide oil analysis and condition monitoring services to a wide range of industries.



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Multiple oil analysis labs in Indonesia with provision of condition monitoring services throughout South-East Asia




We are rapidly expanding in Africa, with recently added locations in Botswana and Ghana…