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Oil health checks include particle count, viscosity and oxidation tests

Oil health checks include particle count, viscosity and oxidation tests Techenomics’ tests keep engines and equipment running optimally As part of comprehensive ‘health checks’ on oil and lubricants, Techenomics has a number of tests carried out on samples to ensure that engines and equipment are running at optimal levels, reducing maintenance downtimes, improving productivity and…
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Insight into Viscosity, Engine Oil and our Worldwide Team

This week, Techenomics explains the importance of Viscosity, what happens when oil is heated and cooled, an introductory into Viscosity Index (VI), how viscosity is tested and possible causes of fluctuating or increased/ decreased viscosity results. Another top story is how to choose the correct engine oil for your vehicle. We explain API, ILSAC and…
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Choosing the Correct Engine Oil

You thought we forgot to tell you about Oil selection in our previous Blog on oil viscocity? We didn't forget, this is a whole new blog on choosing an Engine Oil just for you. We want to provide you with the tools to help you understand how to choose the best oil you can at the…
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Oil Viscosity and it’s importance

An important quality of a lubricant is its Viscosity. Viscosity is a measurement of the internal cohesiveness of an oil, better known as its resistance to flow. Viscosity is defined as being equal to shear stress/ shear rate. High Viscosity oils have molecules with greater cohesion ability (Higher resistance to flow) were as low viscosity…
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