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Major accreditation for Techenomics Mongolia lab

Major accreditation for Techenomics Mongolia lab Techenomics Mongolia has gained ISO 17025 accreditation for its oil analysis laboratory in Ulaanbaatar. It is the first time a laboratory in Mongolia has achieved this standard which ensures that Techenomics’ clients always receive accurate, state-of-the-art analysis of their oil samples. This analysis by Techenomics’ expert staff along with…
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Oil Viscosity and it’s importance

An important quality of a lubricant is its Viscosity. Viscosity is a measurement of the internal cohesiveness of an oil, better known as its resistance to flow. Viscosity is defined as being equal to shear stress/ shear rate. High Viscosity oils have molecules with greater cohesion ability (Higher resistance to flow) were as low viscosity…
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Water in Oil – How does the Laboratory determine this?

In our last blog we spoke about what to do when we find water in our Oil sample. Today let's talk about the process the laboratories use to determine water in oil. Some samples are quite easy to tell when there is water in the oil, they tend to be milky, cloudy or you can…
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Water in Oil

Hello again Tech Bloggers, Lets kick off today with some tips on what we should do when we find Water in Oil. How many of you have taken a sample and noticed that the sample does not look right? it may look milky or cloudy, or you may even visibly see free water sitting in…
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Expansion into PNG

Hi, The new year has started of very positively for us  as we have won a new contract to provide a full condition monitoring service to the Simberi gold mine in PNG owned by St. Barbara. We have to day completed two trial oil samples programmes. We have been working with a number of organisations…
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