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Techenomics R&D’s Live Sensor viability study

Techenomic’s laboratories use precise equipment to produce clean and accurate data for the condition monitoring of our customer's assets; our Failure Analysts then interpret the data to provide industry-leading advice on maintenance procedures. With the growing field of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Techenomics is committing to the collection of Real-Time data to monitor the condition of…
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Thank your lucky stars you had the Oil Tested

Service intervals are decided by the Vehicle Manufacturer prior to the release of New Vehicles. When it comes to car servicing, it is recommended by the Car Manufacturer that you take your car to an approved service centre each time it is due for its service, now depending on where you purchased your car from…
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The nuts and bolts of TBN and TAN.

Good Morning, Recently we have been asked many questions about TBN and its relationship with various other parameters, especially in engine oil. To provide some scientific basis for TBN and TAN I have attached a recent paper on the topic by our Chief Chemist in Indonesia, Ibu Eka Karmila. Please don't hesitate to call us…
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