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7 Steps to Achieve Operational Excellence in Mining

7 Steps to Achieve Operational Excellence in Mining Over the last decade, Australia’s productivity growth has slowed substantially. This slowdown in productivity growth has been recorded across most major sectors, including the mining industry. With mining productivity dropping to new lows in 2014, mining companies are examining all factors contributing to this dip in productivity…
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Rachmad Zulkurnain to reorganize Techenomics information technology services

Greater emphasis on IT at Techenomics Fluid management solutions provider Techenomics International has appointed Rachmad Zulkurnain to reorganize its information technology (IT) services and related software platforms. In the new role Rachmad, who has been working with Techenomics for five years, will manage further development of Blue Oceans, the company’s maintenance management software program, and…
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Using Lean to Improve Production in an Underground Mine

Contributor:  Mining IQ Editorial Posted:  01/22/2015 A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers showed Australia's mining sector is half as productive as it was around ten years ago. Research has shown that mining is becoming less efficient in its use of labour and resources year on year as output generated by each hour worked is now 56 per…
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