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An application for Liquid Tungsten

An application for Liquid Tungsten Techenomics distributes the unique NanoLub Liquid Tungsten products The photos above depict the final drive components from an excavator, one of the most important pieces of equipment in a mining operation. It is vital that excavators be kept running in optimal condition otherwise the mining chain is broken and production…
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The science of IFWS2 can transform Indonesian mining and industry

The science of IFWS2 can transform Indonesian mining and industry Techenomics expanding presence in Jakarta The science of ifws2 in the use of inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disuphide (IFWS2) particles is making a real difference to productivity around the world – improving oil life and performance, lowering fuel consumption, reducing maintenance costs and cutting emissions. IFWS2…
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Oil foaming reduces performance

Oil foaming reduces performance Excessive oil foaming reduces the viscosity of oil at load points of bearings and gears thereby limiting the performance of equipment and machinery. Independent oil analysis, fluid management and condition monitoring specialist Techenomics says it is important to manage foaming to avoid costly downtime or even equipment failure. Techenomics International CEO…
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