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Batam Hydraulic Flushing Projects by Techenomics

Techenomics International is pleased to announce the recent completion of two Hydraulic Oil flushing projects in Batam shipyards during September. The company's  Offshore (Marine) division is based in Batam Island Indonesia under the control of Jonter Siregar and is geared to provide a range of pre-commissioning tasks. The company has the capacity to provide hydraulic…
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Laboratory Manager – International Lubrication Company

Techenomics International – Servicing Mining and Construction companies throughout Australia and Asia, Techenomics are one of Asia Pacific’s strongest Oil Analysis Companies, specialising in all areas of oil analysis, grease analysis, speciality lubricants, hydrocarbon management and fuel conditioners for commercial and industrial use. We are currently seeking a Laboratory Manager to join our growing company.…
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Techenomics Proudly Supporting the Hunter Valley Mining Industry

Techenomics showcased their products and services at this year’s 2010 Singleton Mining and Industry expo. With well over 2000 visitors and more than 200 exhibitors present over the three day period, Techenomics staff were kept very busy with enquiries and demonstrations on their products and services. There was special interest in Oil Analysis, Filtration, Hydrocarbon…
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Techenomics International has commenced the chemical cleaning and hydraulic flushing of the hydraulic lines on the first of 14 coal barges that will operate in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The barges which have been built in Batam, Indonesia will be used to transfer coal from on shore stock piles to bulk tankers for export from Indonesia…
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