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Keeping diesel clean vital, says Techenomics

Keeping diesel clean vital, says Techenomics Contamination increased with reduction of sulphur and addition of biofuels Keeping diesel clean is key to maximising productivity and prolonging engine life, according to fluid management specialists Techenomics. Contamination has become even more crucial in the past 15 years due to the reduction of sulphur levels in diesel and…
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7 Steps to Achieve Operational Excellence in Mining

7 Steps to Achieve Operational Excellence in Mining Over the last decade, Australia’s productivity growth has slowed substantially. This slowdown in productivity growth has been recorded across most major sectors, including the mining industry. With mining productivity dropping to new lows in 2014, mining companies are examining all factors contributing to this dip in productivity…
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PQ Index – What Does it Mean ?

Particle Quantification (PQ Index) is the measurement of total ferrous (Iron) particles present in the sample. PQ does not take into account size of particles. The ferrous is detected via magnetic fields and dependent on the type of laboratory equipment used, will determine how the measurement is taken. Regardless of this, the generated reading will…
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Meet the Techenomics Worldwide Team! – Interview #8

Meet the Techenomics Worldwide Team! – Interview #8 Techenomics have put together a ‘Leaders Series’ which is a range of interviews with Techenomics many leaders in Condition Monitoring. We hope you enjoy reading the interviews and they help you gain a greater in depth understanding of condition monitoring and you get to know more about…
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Techenomics International begin FAME testing in Indonesia

Leading lubrication and condition monitoring specialist, Techenomics International, has begun FAME testing of Biodiesel in Indonesia to ensure the bio fuel is of the correct spec requirements. According to Techenomics International, CEO Chris Adsett, "Techenomics have always had the capability to carry out FAME testing, but we have only recently been asked to do the…
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