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Oil Viscosity and it’s importance

An important quality of a lubricant is its Viscosity. Viscosity is a measurement of the internal cohesiveness of an oil, better known as its resistance to flow. Viscosity is defined as being equal to shear stress/ shear rate. High Viscosity oils have molecules with greater cohesion ability (Higher resistance to flow) were as low viscosity…
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Water in Oil – How does the Laboratory determine this?

In our last blog we spoke about what to do when we find water in our Oil sample. Today let's talk about the process the laboratories use to determine water in oil. Some samples are quite easy to tell when there is water in the oil, they tend to be milky, cloudy or you can…
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The importance of a Magnetic Plug Program

Welcome, let me introduce myself, my name is Terry Lewis and I am currently the Queensland Operations Supervisor/Manager for Techenomics Australia which I have been for the past 3 years. I have worked for the company for the past 6 years starting out as a Field Technician in The Hunter Valley NSW, servicing various mines,…
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