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The Major Projects Foundation

The Major Projects Foundation Major Projects Foundation (MPF) is a non-profit organization with a purpose to deploy engineering solutions to protect ecosystems and cultural heritage in the pacific. The organization commits to supporting conservation, research and education around environmental issues, sustainability and preservation affecting Australia, its coral reefs, the Pacific Ocean and its island community.…
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Techenomics R&D’s Live Sensor viability study

Techenomic’s laboratories use precise equipment to produce clean and accurate data for the condition monitoring of our customer's assets; our Failure Analysts then interpret the data to provide industry-leading advice on maintenance procedures. With the growing field of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Techenomics is committing to the collection of Real-Time data to monitor the condition of…
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Particle Counts

There are many types of Particle Counters available in today's market, each created for a sole purpose in detecting quality by counting particles sizes and number of particles obtained in a sample. Samples may consist of liquids, solids and aerosols. In this article we concentrate on Oil Particle Counters. What are the advantages of Particle…
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Can you trust your provider?

The word 'Trust' is a powerful word! It typically refers to one's willing to reply on the statement or actions of another. You can only evaluate expectations or provide acceptance over ones statement without evidence or investigation. This uncertainty involves risk of failure or harm if the judgement or desired behaviour of the other is…
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Insight into Viscosity, Engine Oil and our Worldwide Team

This week, Techenomics explains the importance of Viscosity, what happens when oil is heated and cooled, an introductory into Viscosity Index (VI), how viscosity is tested and possible causes of fluctuating or increased/ decreased viscosity results. Another top story is how to choose the correct engine oil for your vehicle. We explain API, ILSAC and…
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