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Techenomics provides complete lubricant health checks

Techenomics provides complete lubricant health checks Problem identified, method determined, solution found – productivity up, costs down The lubrication provided by oils and greases is a vital component in effective operation of engines and hydraulic equipment and the lubricant health checks conducted by fluid management and condition monitoring specialists Techenomics ensures optimum performance. This in…
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Techenomics R&D’s Live Sensor viability study

Techenomic’s laboratories use precise equipment to produce clean and accurate data for the condition monitoring of our customer's assets; our Failure Analysts then interpret the data to provide industry-leading advice on maintenance procedures. With the growing field of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Techenomics is committing to the collection of Real-Time data to monitor the condition of…
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What is the Benefit of Oil Analysis ?

Oil Analysis if used correctly, can : Provide maintenance personnel with the ability to improve availability rates in equipment Lower downtime and prevent equipment failure Save extraordinary amounts of money that could be used on other maintenance requirement Extend the life of the lubricants thus saving money on lubricant usage -          EKA  -
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Why do we need ZINC

Do you own an older engine like I do? Do you have an old model car you have done up? Maybe an old inboard boat motor? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I am sure you already know how to look after your pride and joy. But just to make sure,…
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Thank your lucky stars you had the Oil Tested

Service intervals are decided by the Vehicle Manufacturer prior to the release of New Vehicles. When it comes to car servicing, it is recommended by the Car Manufacturer that you take your car to an approved service centre each time it is due for its service, now depending on where you purchased your car from…
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