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Oil analysis keeps power flowing

Oil analysis keeps power flowing Regular oil and fluid analysis is not only vital for monitoring the condition of engines and hydraulic equipment, it is also an important tool in effective maintenance of transformers, turbines and other equipment used in generation and distribution of electricity. Techenomics International provides fully independent, state-of-the-art, accurate testing and analysis…
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Stay on track with oil analysis for rail

Stay on track with oil analysis for rail Fuel and coolant leaks can cause major problems for diesel locomotives but can be addressed by the innovative, reliable and accurate oil analysis services of Techenomics International. An oil analysis program should be an important component of any preventative maintenance program as it helps improve equipment life…
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Dielectric Testing

Did you know that your local Techenomics not only analyse New and Used lubricants, fuel, coolants and greases but they also analyse Transformer Oils for Dielectric Breakdown Voltage. Why is it important to test Transformer Oils? Transformer Oils are subject to electrical and mechanical stresses whilst in operation. Testing of Dielectric breakdown can indicate contamination…
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New Services keep Techenomics ahead of Competition

Techenomics International is leading the way in the development of new condition monitoring  services with the company‚Äôs Mongolian laboratory expanding its services to now offer hot Transformer Oil Filtration and testing. Techenomics Mongolia first started implementing transformer oil filtration and testing this year and now has a range of clients in this area. In August…
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Techenomics adds Transformer Oil Analysis to Help Companies Save Money

Techenomics adds Transformer Oil Analysis to Help Companies Save Money Techenomics laboratory in Newcastle, Australia has upgraded their Dielectric Tester and can now continue to offer a more efficient Transformer oil analysis service to clients. Transformer oil analysis, which Techenomics believes is an essential part of maintenance services, is offered by the company alongside oil…
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