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Which is more important? Lubricant Cleanliness or Quality?

In the past, I have spoken about cleanliness of lubricants and how important it is. Silicon, sodium, water ingress and high particle counts but what about the quality? is it equally as important? is it more important to have clean fuels, oils, greases and coolants over quality? or are they the same thing? With so…
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Silicon – What is it and how did it get there?

Hi Tech Bloggers, Over the past few days we spoke about Water in Oil, so why not continue with some other contamination issues we might find in our oil sample, let's look at  Silicon (Dirt/ Dust) entry. What is Silicon? Silicon is a chemical element known as Si and atomic number 14 in the periodic…
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Expansion into PNG

Hi, The new year has started of very positively for us  as we have won a new contract to provide a full condition monitoring service to the Simberi gold mine in PNG owned by St. Barbara. We have to day completed two trial oil samples programmes. We have been working with a number of organisations…
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Two New Contracts Awarded to Techenomics

Techenomics International is pleased to announce they have recently been awarded two new contracts. One contract was won by PT Tekenomics Indonesia and the other was awarded to Techenomics Australia. PT.Tekenomics Indonesia successfully won the tender for the KPC Sangatta Oil Analysis contract and will start services immediately. The three year contract covers the supply…
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