Techenomics tailors fluid management services to suit each operation

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Techenomics tailors fluid management services to suit each operation

Using the benefits of 30-plus years of oil analysis and condition monitoring, supported by the adoption of new complementary technology, Techenomics tailors its total fluid management services to the unique conditions and circumstances that apply to every customer.

As an independent specialist, Techenomics ensures the asset health needs of each client by maintaining personal contact with operators, visiting individual sites, taking into account climate and operating conditions and delivering only the services that are relevant.

“It is definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ approach,” said CEO Chris Adsett.

The company serves clients in the mining, construction, power plant, agriculture, transport and marine sectors, in fact any operation in which lubricants are used to keep engines or mechanical equipment running efficiently and effectively.

“No matter where the client operates, our services and products form part of a proactive maintenance program that enhances the capabilities of oil and lubricants, detects issues before they escalate, reduces costs through longer and more effective lubricant use, extends the life of equipment and increases productivity,” Adsett said.

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The complete package begins with an audit by a professional team at any site and in conjunction with the operators, a series of measures are recommended and implemented relative to each operation. This includes the training of client maintenance staff so that each relevant team member is empowered to continue the program and effectively use the predictive maintenance services of Techenomics.

Fast turnaround has always been an important aim of Techenomics and this has been enhanced in recent years by the adoption of technology, incorporating the Internet of Things and the development of sensors that provide continuous, instantaneous and relevant data, thereby providing a window into asset health without the need for costly downtime.

This technology is supported by Techenomics’ Blue Oceans cloud-based online software package. By trending new data with previous data, Techenomics, through Blue Oceans, helps customers to make quick, effective and rational decisions on all problems related to oil and equipment.

“With our commitment to adopting technology, the company is always seeking and implementing IoT improvements to make Blue Oceans even easier and understandable to use as well as more important for effective predictive maintenance programs,” Adsett said. “The IoT, sensors and Blue Oceans are being combined to provide more convenience to customers so that asset health can be monitored from anywhere, at any time.”

The fluid management services of Techenomics are complemented by the innovative and unique Liquid Tungsten product that it has been distributing across Australia, Oceania, South East Asia and Northern Asia since 2015. It is the only additive that uses submicron spherical closed cage particles of tungsten disulphide and has been proven to outperform all others.

Liquid Tungsten reduces friction and lowers operating temperatures and therefore decreases wear in engines and components, increases oil life, improves fuel consumption and lowers emissions.

As well as distributing Liquid Tungsten, Techenomics has also independently demonstrated the product’s ‘super powers’ through a series of tests in its laboratories as well as on-site at various operations.

Recently a new test at Techenomics’ Gunnedah laboratory in New South Wales again demonstrated the effectiveness of Liquid Tungsten with a 36-times improvement in tribological performance compared to the base lubricant. This test also reduced iron wear from 324 parts per million (ppm) per hour to just 2.16ppm.

For more information about Techenomics International contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, or Otgoo,, in Australia Dr. Abu Bakkar Siddique,; in Western Australia Dr Gopal Kumar,, in Africa Sugraa,; or for Liquid Tungsten globally Chris Adsett,

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