Techenomics integrates IOT sensors to manage equipment health

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Techenomics integrates IOT sensors to manage equipment health

Providing vital, accurate and relevant data to customers quickly and efficiently
Incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of machinery maintenance with Techenomics integrating oil condition sensors in its ever-evolving IoT offering to monitor and manage equipment health.
At the core of the company’s predictive maintenance technology and asset health management program lies highly sophisticated oil condition sensors, which play a pivotal role in gathering and transmitting data to monitor and ensure the health of machinery.

These sensors, developed as part of Techenomics’ ongoing commitment to implementing technology to benefit the customer experience, serve as vigilant guardians delivering continuous and instantaneous data on the condition of the oil.
Through the company’s all-in-one and continuously upgraded cloud-based maintenance software, Blue Oceans, sensors deliver invaluable insights by detecting contaminants, monitoring oil viscosity and tracking temperature fluctuations.
Blue Oceans is an online information system providing customer focused equipment maintenance solutions based on various condition monitoring inputs, giving clients secure, direct and live access to all Techenomics data and test results.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said real-time monitoring offered an early warning system, preventing downtime, prolonging equipment lift and ensuring operational efficiency and reliability.
“The IoT represents an advanced network of interconnected devices designed to communicate and exchange data seamlessly. With the integration of oil sensors, IoT facilitates instantaneous data analysis empowering informed and timely decision making,” he said.
“By integrating oil condition sensors with IoT platforms, we create a smart system that monitors, analyses and reports oil conditions in real time directly to your device, thanks to Blue Oceans, our advanced IoT platform.”

Among the benefits of IoT and the use of sensors are:

  • Proactive maintenance – detect issues before they excalate.
  • Cost reduction – save on repairs and downtime.
  • Longevity – extend the life of machinery.
  • Convenience – monitor from anywhere, anytime.

For Techenomics sensors are key in its evolving Internet of Things ecosystem. They connect hardware with software and services and empower real-time data provision resulting in better decisions to assist with maintenance programs and equipment health.
There are many locations in an engine, a hydraulic system, a vehicle, a truck or in machinery from which data can be gathered to measure all types of factors, including vibration, temperature, oil condition, wear and friction.

Sensors used by Techenomics include those to collect vibration and temperature monitoring data along with those that collect data relating to ferrous debris. The latter, an easy to install, simple and robust device, detects and monitors the presence of deleterious iron (Fe) in oil and lubricants with the additional value of oil temperature.

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The ferrous metal sensor uses a permanent magnet to measure based on the volume of material collected by the sensor, quantifying it, reporting a signal associated with the volume of debris.
Deposited metal particles from gears, bearings or other metal contacting surfaces indicate an overload condition, providing an early indication of mechanical failure.

These sensors can be used for diesel or gasoline fuels; for hydraulic, gear, mineral, vegetable, synthetic, ester, semi-synthetic, polyalphaolefin and polyalkyleneglycol oils; and for coolants and other systems that use ethylene glycol, water or saltwater.
The sensors provide a warning as a result of an event of wear limit and send debris accumulation values via the cloud to Blue Oceans. Techenomics then assesses, analyses and trends the data and provides advice, including solutions to customers, again via Blue Oceans and the cloud.

Oil analysis, whether performed in a laboratory or via continuous monitoring by a sensor, provides one of the earliest warnings of impending machinery failure. This fits firmly in the ‘predictive’ or ‘preventative’ zone on the Potential Failure (PF) to Functional Failure (FF) graph.

“The integration of IoT, sensors and Blue Oceans allows customers to receive an alert on their phones about a potential issue in a remote piece of equipment,” Adsett said. “With our integrated system you can act immediately, saving time and resources.

“In conclusion the integration of oil condition sensors with IoT isn’t just an upgrade – it is a leap towards smarter, more reliable and cost-effective maintenance.”

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