Techenomics Botswana representative flies the flag in southern Africa

Feb 20, 2023 | Techenomics Africa, Techenomics Botswana

Techenomics Botswana representative flies the flag in southern Africa

Wame Atlhopheng is attending events and networking with mining and industry
Techenomics’ Botswana representative Wame Atlhopheng has been flying the flag at events in southern Africa this year, spreading the word about the company’s total fluid management services and Liquid Tungsten products.

These services and products are aimed at helping equipment operators get more bang for their lubricant bucks as they enhance the effectiveness of oils, grease and other lubricants thus reducing maintenance and resulting in improved productivity and reduced costs.

Wame has been with Techenomics since 2020 as the global company’s representative in Botswana and is committed to increasing awareness of the benefits of its oil analysis and other fluid management services as well as the Liquid Tungsten product which is distributed by the company and complements the core business.

It does so by lowering operating temperatures of lubricants thus reducing friction, minimising engine and component wear, increasing lubricant life, decreasing fuel consumption and limiting harmful emissions.

Wame is not only spreading the word to mining and industry in Botswana, she is also doing so throughout southern Africa.

She participated in the inaugural Mogale Golf Classic in late January, representing Techenomics Botswana. This event in South Africa’s North West Province, bordering Botswana, attracted participants from the southern part of the continent, providing a solid networking opportunity in a social environment.

Then in early February, Wame headed south for the Australian Mining in Africa program in Cape Town, providing an opportunity to network with mining, METS stakeholders and decision makers from across Africa as well as those from further afield that have involvement with mining on the continent.

A highlight for Wame at the Austrade organised event, was participation in a roundtable lunch session on the opening day, February 6, featuring a pre-eminent panel of African women in mining experts and stakeholders.

In this capacity, Wame was able to learn how companies and organisations can transform their leadership in order to make opportunities for women so that they can gain mining careers and remain in the industry.

The roundtable discussed progress being made in achieving gender equality and various ways that this process can gather momentum.

During the session, Wame learned that an important first step in this process was addressing gender-based discrimination prior to entry into the labour market.

Participants heard that distinctions based on civil or marital status and family situation were contrary to the global convention as they affected women’s ability to seek paid work outside the home; to access, own and control property, resources and assets; or to enter into agreements.

Breaking down these and other societal barriers is a necessary precondition to providing equal opportunities for women and men in the labour market in general, including in mining.

“Women have the right to equal pay for work of equal value without distinction and the guarantee that conditions of work for women must not be inferior to those enjoyed by men,” Wame said.

“This includes not just the right to safe and healthy working conditions, but also equal opportunity and treatment, to be promoted based on competence and seniority, and to obtain the education, training, and mentoring necessary to achieve employment and promotion,” she added.

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