Techenomics grease analysis keeps equipment operating efficiently

Oct 30, 2022 | grease analysis

Techenomics grease analysis keeps equipment operating efficiently

The specialised grease analysis tests for wear debris, contaminants and water content.
Grease plays a major role in lubricating mechanical components in excavators, draglines, drills, shovels rear dumps and many other items of plant and machinery – items that keep operations producing.

If these components do not have adequate or sufficient amounts of grease, they will heat up and start causing serious issues that impact productivity and, of course, the all-important bottom line, and this is why the total fluid management services of Techenomics International are vital.

Insufficient grease will increase tension and wear within and around the necessary parts that require lubricant to flow and reduce friction of components but Techenomics grease analysis services  ensure productivity is optimised and maximised.

grease analysis tests

The global company’s specialised grease analysis tests for wear debris, contaminants and water content.

The purpose of this procedure is not to test the grease for acceptance or quality, it is to test the components and equipment for adequate application and contamination issues that may be associated with greases or grease systems.

Microscopic techniques are used by Techenomics’ experts in this field to determine the type of wear.

Wear debris is the characteristic of any type of wear and tear, such as rubbing, sliding, fatigue, scuffing, corrosion and abrasion.

Techenomics has been performing grease analysis for more than 20 years and its failure analysis technicians, known as FAT, are able to quickly find solutions to grease-related issues.


Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says if operators are having grease problems, including pumping issues, gear pitting or spalling, fluctuating or increased temperatures, or blocked injectors, then they seriously need to have their equipment grease analysed.

He says if operators are unsure of the technique used for sampling grease in equipment, they should contact Techenomics to explain how to go about it or have the company come out to the site and demonstrate the sampling procedure.

“Once an operator starts grease testing on their equipment, they will soon establish a trend pattern that will identify or highlight the issue or issues creating the equipment problems they are experiencing.

“They will then be able to address these issues without losing valuable downtime or incurring costly maintenance or repairs.”

Upon identifying issues associated with wear debris or contaminants found in the grease, the company’s FAT team makes informed recommendations for operators to address during regular maintenance.

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