Keeping fluids clean and effective is the mandate of Techenomics

Oct 19, 2022 | Contamination Control

Keeping fluids clean and effective is the mandate of Techenomics

A key first step in contamination control is a thorough cleanliness audit
Fluids are the lifeblood of any engine or mechanical operation involving moving metal components and just as in human blood, dirty or contaminated fluids are a major cause of mechanical breakdown.

Total fluid management is the focal point of independent specialist Techenomics and keeping fluids clean is at the centre of the company’s global business.

The company’s technology, equipment, products and expert staff are all focused on cleaning the oils, fluids and lubricants of clients and keeping them clean in order to keep equipment running better for longer, thereby improving productivity, optimising operations and reducing costs.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said dirty or contaminated fluids represented well in excess of half the issues created in lubrication breakdown and the involvement of Techenomics in maintenance programs ensured these risks were minimised with the ultimate aim of elimination.

contamination control audit

“We have extensive knowledge of the design and implementation of contamination control systems,” he said.

“At first audits are conducted to find any cause of dirt, metals or water ingress; design faults; incorrect procedures; and handling and storage methods that can all lead to unnecessary levels of uncleanliness.

“We then proceed with an appropriate plan and method of achieving a cleanliness level of 16/13, dependent on lubricant type and use.

“The audit may recommend changing or placement of delivery points to bulk tanks, pipe fittings, breather replacements, pump replacements, filters, dispensing methods and fittings, inline filtration systems right down to waste removal,” he said.

An audit provides an accurate guide as to what needs to be done and Techenomics’ filtration services assist companies with the design and installation of a range of fuel and oil filtration solutions.

“Due to the complexity and cost of modern capital equipment, it is vital for companies to ensure that fuels and lubricants used in their operations are clean,” Adsett said.

“Cleanliness can prevent or reduce component failure, reduce downtime and minimise the cost of repairs.”

Techenomics provides comprehensive condition monitoring and contamination control audits. The audits are used to develop and implement operational practices for delivering clean fuels and oils to production processes, as well as providing an environmentally friendly workplace.

This is achieved through Techenomics’ staff who possess the skills and knowledge of programs such as FLAC, complemented by up-to-date equipment and technology that is always at the cutting edge of condition monitoring and fluid management.

The core work is also supported by products such as Liquid Tungsten, which is distributed by Techenomics and which, when added to lubricants, ensures the lubricants are more effective and last longer.

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