Techenomics celebrates 10th anniversary in Mongolia

Sep 6, 2022 | Techenomics Mongolia

Techenomics celebrates 10th anniversary in Mongolia

Talented all-Mongolian team drives company to continuing growth and success
Techenomics International has passed a significant milestone with its Mongolian operation, Techenomics Mongolia, notching up its 10th anniversary.

For the past 10 years the company’s dedicated and experienced Mongolian team has been serving the fluid management needs of mining and industry in the North Asian country, including oil and grease analysis, condition monitoring and distribution of Liquid Tungsten.

This period has also seen the Mongolian operation support a number of business, community, health and educational initiatives in the developing nation.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said notching up 10 years was a credit to the dedication, determination and ability of the team members, all of whom have more than five years of experience and who engage efficiently and effectively with the Mongolian customers.

“In the past decade the team has delivered our specialised, independent fluid management services to large and small businesses in Mongolia, helping them to optimise their operations and remain competitive, not only at a local level but also on a global scale.”

Techenomics Mongolia Team

The laboratory was established in 2012 after the company attended the Mining Mongolia exhibition and conference that year with the lab progressively gaining global accreditations.

Initial team members included Zolzaya (Zolo), Tastsral (Tsatsa), Tuul and Purevbat while Tumenjargal (Tumee), Odgerel and Sugarkhorloo (Sugraa) joined the company within the first few weeks. A number of these pioneers are still with the company today.

A dielectric tester for transformer oil tests, a Karl Fischer unit to measure water content and a Spectro were added to the laboratory equipment by the end of 2012 with the first customer being Orica.

Oil purifying equipment was purchased from NAKIN Oil Purifier Company in May 2013 while a DGA (dissolved gas in transformer oil) tester also arrived in 2013 and the laboratory has been regularly updated with the latest in analysis equipment.

Marketing manager Sugraa and chemical engineer Tumee had the company’s first formal engagement with the large mining operations in the South Gobi region in November 2012 through a site visit incorporating the Oyu Tolgoi (OT) and Tavan Tolgoi mine sites.

A month later the business held its first oil analysis training session which attracted representatives from OT, Transwest and Hitachi.

The globally significant OT copper-gold mine has become an important client of the business with Techenomics participating in tender bids and winning contracts on a regular basis. DGA ports were installed at the mine site and a magnetic plug program was organised for OT trucks.

Among other beneficiaries of the company’s products and services in Mongolia have been Boroo Gold Mine, Baganuur Coal Mine and the key Thermal Power Plant 4, which is Mongolia’s leading energy supply source.

At Boroo, the company helped improve operations by assessing and solving filtration issues with transmission oil while at the power plant, which generates more than 71% of electricity for Central Region and 63% of heat for the capital Ulaanbaatar, Techenomics Mongolia helped the operator make significant savings and improve environmental outcomes by completing a transformer oil project.

In early 2016 the Mongolian unit began distributing Liquid Tungsten to operations in the country, thus adding value to the fluid management services, while also in 2016 One Eye Industries in Mongolia began supplying magnetic plugs for Techenomics’ customers and a more recent development has been the installation of a fuel lab this year.

The Mongolian team has also been supported by regular visits from Chris Adsett and company experts in various aspects of its operations, including Andaru, Jonter, Siti, Freddy, Eka, Jason, Hafiz, Yasemin, Azwir, Gina, Dedan, Sam and Jim. Team members have enhanced their own expertise through taking part in company training initiatives as well as conferences and events in Indonesia and Australia.

“The Mongolian team and operation is an important part of the company’s global operations and, as such, we are only too happy to contribute to social and community development programs,” Chris Adsett said.

Among the initiatives during the past 10 years have been the donation of geological books; support of the Arts Council of Mongolia including the acclaimed short film Stairs; support of the Enerel children’s centre and the Mongolian Association of Visually Impaired Children and Youth; participation in the Mongolian Business Chamber; becoming a silver sponsor for the Austcham Professional Speaker Series; and support of the Cancer Council of Mongolia shaving event.

For more information about Techenomics International visit or contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, or Otgoo,, in Australia Jason Davis,; in Newman Kiky,; in Africa Chris Adsett, or for Liquid Tungsten globally Chris Adsett,

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