Blue Oceans remains integral to Techenomics data delivery

Jul 26, 2022 | condition monitoring software

Blue Oceans remains integral to Techenomics data delivery

The fully integrated condition monitoring software package is constantly evolving
Blue Oceans is an integral component of delivering the results of Techenomics expert fluid management services to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more than 12 years the Blue Oceans fully integrated condition monitoring software package has been incorporated in the company’s services, helping customers predict maintenance issues before they arise.

Looking back to 2010 when Blue Oceans was implemented, shows how important the software package was when it was introduced and Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said it was even more relevant today than ever. As such, Blue Oceans now serves customers from the cloud, making for even more efficient provision of data.

In 2010 Techenomics wrote: “Blue Oceans moulds the function of the equipment planner, maintenance service teams and reliability engineer into one powerful unit creating a true ‘Blue Ocean’ for customers to exploit and enhance their businesses while saving money.

“Clients using Blue Oceans will be able to trend, create modules and customise their data on all analysis results. Non-services customers are able to create and integrate data obtained from their existing oil analysis provider and other condition monitoring programs into their own unique modules and formats for equipment trending.”

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In 2010 the company’s Jason Davis, who was then New Product Manager and is now Business Development Manager, said: “The software was designed to allow maintenance personnel to schedule and record maintenance for their equipment including recording all oil analysis, lubricant and fuel usage and monitoring wear on magnetic plugs and rear dump trays. “

Also in 2010 Chris Adsett said: “Techenomics philosophy of innovation and investment to provide the complete package in oil analysis products, condition monitoring and maintenance services is represented by the creation of Blue Oceans.

“Over the next year we plan on adding modules to Blue Oceans that will focus on preventative maintenance and save our customers even more time and money.”

Shortly after Blue Oceans was introduced Techenomics added a static wear tray module to the software program. It stated: “The tools and functions that are built into the static wear tray module are very unique as the program has been designed to predict failures before they occur. The software functions utilise Microsoft technologies to enable this precision software to predict the future.”

In 2022 with the need to provide accurate condition monitoring data to customers as quickly as possible more important than ever, Chris Adsett said that Blue Oceans was an ever-evolving package that Techenomics continued to develop and enhance aimed at providing relevant real-time data.

“IT is changing rapidly and we are committed to continue serving our customers with accurate and reliable data as soon as possible so that they can make fully informed maintenance decisions.”

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