Jason Davis a stalwart behind Techenomics continuing development

Jul 14, 2022 | Australia, Operations Management

Jason Davis a stalwart behind Techenomics continuing development

Australian Operations Manager Jason Davis15 years of dedication and expertise all with a ‘can-do’ attitude
For more than 15 years Jason Davis has been a stalwart for Techenomics International, with his ‘can-do’ attitude not only supporting the total fluid management company’s operations in Australia, where he is based, but also in other operational centres around the globe.

The talents and dedication of Jason are typical of the qualities of many staff members at Techenomics and the reason behind the company’s longevity, success and ongoing growth.

Now serving as the company’s Australian Operations Manager, Jason is not only responsible for helping to identify new opportunities but also supports adoption of new technologies to assist the company in maintaining its position as a leader in fluid management encompassing condition monitoring.

More recently Jason Davis is leading the company’s new laboratory and business In Gunnedah that serves the northern New South Wales mining and broadacre agriculture industries.

The state-of-the-art Gunnedah laboratory incorporates the latest fluid analysis technology and provides a full range of testing for lubricants, grease, coolants, fuels and transformer oils and is also equipped for Ruler testing of remaining life hydraulic, transformer and turbine oils.

Jason Davis’ contribution is widely recognised as being integral to Techenomics’ development and evidence of the high regard that he is held in comes by way of comments from colleagues.

Techenomics Mongolia LLC, Business Development Manager – North Asia, Sugarkhorloo E. (Sugraa) said:
“Jason has helped a lot in establishing Techenomics Mongolia. He came to Mongolia several times to develop business and to provide training when most of us in Mongolia didn’t have much experience and knowledge in OA & condition monitoring. He also went to the Oyu Tolgoi site to give training and to meet management team.

“When there are technical questions I am unable to answer, I always ask for help from him. I appreciate that he takes everything seriously and provides informed and professional answers.

I am glad we have him in our team as he has deep knowledge in OA and is always willing to help his colleagues.

“Also, I know his contribution to the Blue Occeans software is enormous.”

PT Tekenomiks Indonesia Sangatta Area Manager Erna said:
“I have worked with Jason for more than 15 years and there are many memories, especially when Tekenomiks first got a contract with KPC.

“Jason’s contribution was big when Tekenomiks started with KPC, when the Indonesian team had very little experience related to services in the site area and he continues to support us today.”

Group Technology Manager Eka Kamila said:
“I have worked with Jason in different places – in Indonesia, Singleton, Newcastle and we meet again now in Gunnedah.

“I’m truly impressed with how he manages to consistently improve his aptitude in problem solving. His skill in writing narrative about oil analysis and directly explaining it to us or to our customers is second to none.

“Once he arrives at the office, his phone will ring more than 20 times a day, mostly from our customers. I am very happy to work with Jason – ‘Mr Problem Solver’.”

Lkhagvasuren Turbat (Lkhagvaa) said:
“Jason has arguably been my greatest teacher and mentor after completing university. He is not only experienced and knowledgeable in OA & condition monitoring, he is a great leader and mentor.

“He was a big supporter of developing Blue Oceans software and is an excellent data analyst. His contribution to our current Blue Oceans system is enormous.

“I am always been proud to work with him and I still learning a lot from him.”

PT Tekenomiks Indonesia’s Teguh Santoso said:
“Jason helped a lot at the beginning of PTTI’s contract with KPC and also helps through his involvement with BOI.”

Area Manager and personal assistant to the CEO, Siti Munawarah, said:
“Jason, is one of the most easy and incredible people to work with. Knowing him for at least 14 years, he is a dedicated person who has helped grow the company.

“He’s not only a colleague but also a mentor when it comes to problem solving and new ideas while his communication with customers is really great.

“He is always happy to provide an advice and teaches us how to settle problems … he is a living legend.”

Techenomics Mongolia LLC’s Tumenjargal Myagmarsuren (Tumee) said:
“I have worked with him in Mongolia and Newcastle. Jason’s knowledge of oil analysis and data analysis is excellent and during his visit to Mongolia, he generously shared his knowledge of oil analysis.

“He always helps with new ideas and knowledge when asked about oil analysis and other technical questions.

“Thank you very much Jason for your ongoing support, which you are always happy to provide.”

Acting General Manager PT Tekenomiks Indonesia Freddy Tamara said:
“Jason is helpful especially with technical issues, including when we ran magic software in the past. We had some challenges in transferring historical data in the magic, including some modifications, and he helped us to implement it in the right way and fast.

“His brochures and leaflets have been helpful us when approaching customers.”

Techenomics International CEO Chris Adsett said:
“We are experiencing growth across our markets and are proud of the integral role that our talented and committed employees such as Jason are playing in this process.

“Without their input we would not be in the position we are today as an innovative and industry-leading independent provider of total fluid management solutions.”

For more information about Techenomics International visit www.techenomics.net or contact Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com; in Indonesia Freddy, freddy@techenomics.com; in South East Asia Siti, siti@techenomics.com, in Mongolia Tumee, tumee@techenomics.com, or Otgoo, otgoo@techenomics.com, in Australia Jason Davis, jason.davis@techenomics.com; in Newman Kiky, kiky.millar@techenomics.com; in Africa Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com or for Liquid Tungsten globally Chris Adsett, c.adsett@techenomics.com

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