Techenomics still leads the way in preventative maintenance

Jun 26, 2022 | industrial, preventative maintenance

Techenomics still leads the way in preventative maintenance

The company’s services and products support all industries where lubricants keep equipment operating
Techenomics International continues to lead the way in preventative maintenance utilising its specialist, independent total fluid management package supported by state-of-the-art equipment operated by fully trained experts and using software aimed at fully informing customers no matter where they are located.

Further enhancing the company’s lubricant services aimed at preventing costly maintenance issues before they occur is the complementary Liquid Tungsten technology that reduces friction and lowers operating temperatures leading to increased oil and lubricant effectiveness and life.

Looking back at Techenomics’ development over the years, CEO Chris Adsett says there has been progress made on many fronts but the bottom line remains the capability of the company to improve the effectiveness of lubricants thus helping customers improve productivity while saving costs.

“Helping the mining industry remains a constant but Techenomics services and products also support all other industries where lubricants keep equipment operating, including transport and haulage, marine, power generation, agriculture, etc,” he said.

A media release distributed more than 12 years ago, outlines the constants that remain key to the company’s success but also demonstrates that Techenomics never rests on its laurels in the quest to enhance lubricants.

It states: “Mining companies spend hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars on the maintenance of their mining equipment. But what if you could prevent a lot of these maintenance costs, extend the life of your equipment, lower unscheduled downtime and save your company money.

“Techenomics International can do just that. Techenomics is a lubrication and condition monitoring specialist who offer preventative maintenance tools to the mining industry.

“Proving successful and very much in demand, Techenomics, who operate throughout Australia and Asia, has weathered the global financial crisis.

“Over the past few years Techenomics has tripled in size on the back of strong growth in Borneo and consolidation in the Hunter Valley.”

Industrial preventative maintenance

The growth continues today with the company now serving the northern NSW mining and agricultural industries through a new laboratory in Gunnedah, the mining industry in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, which is one of the world’s premier mining regions, and continuing presence in the Hunter Valley.

In Indonesia, mining and industry is served by laboratories in Balikpapan and Sangatta while the company also has a strong presence in Jakarta and Batam and in Singapore, the massive marine industry is serviced by the company through its presence in the island nation that also serves as a leading global port.

Mining and industry in North Asia is serviced by the company’s major presence in Mongolia while Africa is also under the wings of Techenomics through a presence in the continent’s south and west along with the key entry point of Mauritius.

The media release of 2010 also states: “Techenomics offers condition monitoring services which include oil analysis, magnetic plug inspections, and lubrication and filtration solutions to fixed and mobile plants, all of which can significantly extend the life of your equipment, lower unscheduled downtime and most importantly decrease costs.”

For more information about Techenomics International visit or contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, or Otgoo,, in Australia Jason Davis,; in Newman Kiky,; in Africa Chris Adsett, or for Liquid Tungsten globally Chris Adsett,

Industrial preventative maintenance – click here to download this release as a pdf file

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