Eka Karmila continues to shine like a beacon for Techenomics

Eka Karmila continues to shine like a beacon for Techenomics

Long-serving employee to support company’s new operations in Gunnedah
After involvement with Techenomics spanning more than 20 years Eka Karmila is still just as enthusiastic and dedicated to her work as when she started with the company.

Her experience, talent and ‘can-do’ attitude has helped grow the business during various roles in Indonesia and Australia and now her dedication is being put to use at the company’s new facility in Gunnedah, at the heart of the coal mining and broadacre agriculture operations in northern New South Wales.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett is extremely confident that Eka can play a key role in driving the Gunnedah laboratory to further success and deliver customers in northern NSW the best independent fluid management service possible.

His confidence in Eka and her ability has borne fruit for Techenomics from day one of her involvement, including serving as Group Technology Manager.

On the occasion of her being appointed to the position of Group Chemist Techenomics International around 10 years ago, Chris Adsett stated: “I'm sure that through Eka's commitment and dedication to her science, she will have an important impact that will lead to great improvements, consistency and growth in our core business.”

This has certainly been the case and has led to Eka taking on increased responsibilities as the company has continued to grow and expand to other countries.

As Group Technology Manager and based in Balikpapan, Indonesia, Eka has been responsible for managing the group’s quality control for ISO accreditation, new testing procedures and laboratory equipment.

The company announcement outlining the Group Chemist appointment is interesting to revisit today:

‘Eka who is a graduate chemical engineer from the University of Malang East Java joined the company in 1999 and has held various positions in our laboratories both in Australia and Indonesia, most recently as the Laboratory Manager at our Sangatta laboratory.

‘She brings great experience, enthusiasm and talent to this new and challenging role where she will be working across all the companies laboratories.

‘Her responsibilities will cover auditing and providing quality control for all group laboratories including all ISO accreditations. She will also be responsible for the set up and correct installation of all new testing procedures and laboratories.’

Chris Adsett said: “Over the years Eka has continually demonstrated her technical prowess in oil analysis and all aspects of fluid management and has combined this with business development capabilities. She has also been a keen contributor to the company’s planning process and a great team player.

“These qualities will also be put to good use in Gunnedah for the benefit of existing and new customers.

“Eka is a real treasure for Techenomics and we expect she will make a strong contribution to technical expertise in Gunnedah as well as business growth.”

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