Liquid Tungsten’s protective superpowers cut iron wear levels in operating equipment

Mar 17, 2022 | liquid tungsten, mining industry

Liquid Tungsten’s protective superpowers reduce iron wear levels in operating equipment

Trials by Techenomics demonstrate the product’s capabilities in a range of mining situations
The use of Liquid Tungsten in conjunction with Techenomics fluid management services reduces engine and component wear created by  the build-up of deleterious metals, especially iron.

In this way Techenomics core services, including oil analysis, increase component life and reduce breakdowns and when combined with the value-added qualities of Liquid Tungsten, the benefits to lubricant users are enhanced even further, lowering costs and increasing productivity.

Developed by NIS and distributed by Techenomics in Australia and exclusively to the mining industry globally, Liquid Tungsten creates a smooth, extremely strong and durable protective layer on metal surfaces, reducing friction and lowering operating temperatures.

In turn this prolongs oil life, increases oil drain intervals, lowers maintenance meaning less downtime, provides more efficient use of energy, improves fuel consumption and lowers emissions.

More than just taking these statements as fact, Techenomics ongoing laboratory trials and in-field tests in a range of operating conditions around the world demonstrate that the nanotechnology lives up to the hype and increases equipment availability.

Techenomics has demonstrated the capability of Liquid Tungsten to reduce iron wear levels with successful in-field trials on key mining units.

Firstly the use of the product in a Hitachi AH500 truck engine resulted in a 43% reduction in iron wear over a nine-month period as indicated below:


Further impressive results were achieved from a trial of Liquid Tungsten in a Euclid Hitachi dump truck that was generating a high level of iron (Fe) wear in the final drives.
Iron was reduced from 0.19 mg/l to 0.10 mg/l per hour – a significant 47% reduction, as seen below:

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett says the impressive figures presented in these trials along with others in a wide range of operating conditions demonstrated that Liquid Tungsten really does work.

“By reducing the generation of deleterious iron in the operating equipment, Liquid Tungsten reduces maintenance costs and downtime and thereby increases the availability of the equipment, enhancing the economics of the operations.”

There are Liquid Tungsten products to match with various lubricants, including for diesel engines, gears and bearings, and all work by lowering friction which reduces operating temperatures.

For more information about Techenomics International visit or contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, or Otgoo,, in Australia Jason Davis,; in Newman Kiky,; in Africa Chris Adsett, or for Liquid Tungsten globally Paul Lipsham,

Liquid tungsten truck trial – click here to download this release as a pdf file


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