Techenomics new Gunnedah facility also serves region’s strong agricultural industry

Jan 17, 2022 | Techenomics Gunnedah

Techenomics new Gunnedah facility also serves region’s strong agricultural industry

Fluid management and Liquid Tungsten just as applicable for farmers as they are for miners

Techenomics’ latest fluids analysis laboratory is up and running at Gunnedah in the heart of the northern New South Wales coalfields and as well as serving the region’s mining industry, the company’s total fluid management services are just as applicable to the traditional farming sector.

The services, including fluid analysis, are aimed at increasing the effectiveness and life of lubricants thus helping to boost productivity, lower operating costs and reduce the environmental footprint of users.

Also supporting the fluid management service is Liquid Tungsten that Techenomics distributes throughout its global network and which is proven to reduce operating temperatures by reducing friction, thereby also serving to enhance the capabilities of lubricants and cutting harmful emissions.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said agriculture continued to play an important role in the economy of the Gunnedah and Narrabri areas of northern NSW and farmers had always been very aware of the need to look after their patch of productive dirt in a sustainable way.

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“In this way farmers are ensuring that the land remains productive for the benefit of future operations as well as ongoing production of the natural resources that sustain the human race.

“Just as our products and services are creating a more sustainable thermal coal industry in the region and reducing the environmental footprint of these operations, they have a similar role in the agricultural industry,” he said.

In this way Techenomics is happy to work closely with the region’s farmers to help them identify and utilise more efficient ways to use their lubricants, supported by the use of Liquid Tungsten.

Similarly, the company can service agricultural value added industries where lubricants also play a role in keeping operations running.

“As farmers rely on the productivity of their soil and the effectiveness of their farming practices,” Adsett said, “Techenomics can play a role in achieving this and, in turn, reducing their environmental footprint.

“The world is becoming much more ‘green’ conscious, which is important for future generations, and our products and services not only support a more sustainable future, they also provide capital efficiency, which has always been crucial for farming operations.

“Use of Liquid Tungsten and our fluid management services makes cashflow more effective whether in open pit or underground mines, or in broadacre or intensive farming operations, in fact anywhere that lubricants are used to ensure operations continue.”

Adsett said that Techenomics team in Gunnedah would be only too pleased to discuss with farmers how to help make more efficient and cost-effective use of lubricants. Contact Jason Davis ( or Chris Adsett (

The Gunnedah fluids analysis laboratory has become the latest in Techenomics growing global network that also encompasses Western Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia and Africa.

For more information about Techenomics International visit or contact Chris Adsett,; in Indonesia Freddy,; in South East Asia Siti,, in Mongolia Tumee,, or Otgoo,, in Australia Jason Davis,; in Newman Kiky,; in Africa Chris Adsett, or for Liquid Tungsten globally Paul Lipsham,

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