Techenomics to open fluids analysis laboratory at heart of Gunnedah Coal Basin

Techenomics to open fluids analysis laboratory
at heart of Gunnedah Coal Basin

Techenomics International continues to increase its global reach and will cover the major coal-producing region of the Gunnedah Basin with a new fluids analysis laboratory to open this month.

Through the new laboratory, which will open on December 20th at 72 Barber Street Gunnedah, NSW 2380, Techenomics aims to serve the northern New South Wales region’s coal industry.

The Gunnedah laboratory will provide a full range of testing for lubricants, grease, coolants, fuels and transformer oils and will also be equipped for Ruler testing of remaining life hydraulic, transformer and turbine oils.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said this would provide Gunnedah and surrounding regions with a state of the art facility incorporating the latest fluid analysis technology operated by fully trained experts able to analyse and interpret lubricant samples.
“It will form a division of the Techenomics International group that operates laboratories from North Asia through South East Asia, Australia and Africa.
“The collective experience of our global group will back-up and strengthen the Gunnedah team that will be ably led by Jason Davis and Dr Arif Islam.

“The Gunnedah team is totally committed to supporting the local community and the company is keen to become an important community enterprise, providing employment and skill sharing, just as we do in every location in which we operate.”

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