Motor racing body FIA approves Liquid Tungsten formulated engine oil

Nov 18, 2021 | IF-WS2 nanoparticles, IFWS2 particles, liquid tungsten, nano technology, nano tungsten disulfide

Motor racing body FIA approves Liquid Tungsten formulated engine oil

“While using this new formulation [Mapetrol Premium Karting WS2+ 2T], I could feel and even hear the difference right away,” says professional kart racer.
FIA and the Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK) have added Liquid Tungsten (IF-WS2) formulated engine oil to the official list of agreed lubricants. FIA approved products comprise the highest quality base stock with an additive package to improve the performance characteristics of engine oil.

This means that the IF-WS2 enhanced engine oil complies with the required specifications and characteristics, providing strong validation of the product developed by Nanotech Industrial Solutions (NIS) and distributed by Techenomics International throughout its network and exclusively to the mining industry.

mapetrol premium kartingThe product, Mapetrol Premium Karting WS2+ 2T, is the result of a collaboration between NIS, along with Mapetrol and Simpos, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of engine oils. The collaboration makes the most of NIS’s expertise in formulating stable dispersions and Mapetrol’s experience in creating high-performance oil blends for various applications.

Two separate samples were submitted to the FIA for analysis and approval with the IF-WS2-enhanced engine oil outperforming competitors in several categories. Experts determined that the NIS inorganic fullerene-like tungsten disulphide-based (Liquid Tungsten) lubricant demonstrated superior protection from friction and wear during heavy-duty use and high-temperature operations.

The Premium Karting WS2+ 2T synthetic components coated the engine’s metal surfaces with a submicron-thin layer of super-strong Liquid Tungsten nanoparticles. The IF-WS2 protective film did not thicken when cold or oxidise when hot, earning top marks from the racing authorities and the test crew.

These qualities were confirmed in the use of the product in karting:

  • Superior anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties;
  • Excellent anti-oxidation characteristics;
  • Outstanding cold-start performance;
  • Increases horsepower and torque; and
  • Lowers oil consumption and harmful emissions.


“IF-WS2 prevents seizure in high-speed, high-temperature and high load conditions, allowing mechanics to tune out the engines to a maximum,” said NIS CEO Dr George Diloyan.

“Unlike other additives, the IF-WS2 additive package improves engine oil performance even better when use conditions get tougher,” he added.

Auto industry experts determined that IF-WS2 formulated oil also provides sustained engine power throughout the race.

Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett said with Liquid Tungsten proving its capabilities in the high performance FIA world, it was also being proven to bring considerable benefits in other operating environments, including mining.

“We are continuing to demonstrate the capabilities of Liquid Tungsten to improve the performance of oil in our ongoing laboratory testing and in-field trials – reducing friction, lowering operating temperatures, reducing maintenance, improving fuel consumption and cutting emissions.”

Providing the last word about Mapetrol Premium Karting WS2+ 2T and its benefits in kart racing, professional racer Sam Pobeda said: “Proper lubrication is vital to any vehicle but even more so to racing equipment for which every performance advantage could make or break the championship.

“While using this new formulation, I could feel and even hear the difference right away!”

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