Regular grease analysis can prevent costly issues with operating equipment

Regular grease analysis can prevent costly issues with operating equipment

Techenomics analysis of grease tests operational equipment for adequate application and contamination issues
Grease, like other lubricants, helps ensure smooth and efficient operation of mechanical equipment and effective analysis of grease can reveal issues with equipment that if left unchecked can result in costly maintenance or even failure.

As it does for oil, Techenomics carries out independent expert analysis of grease to test for wear debris, contaminants and water content.

The purpose of this, according to Techenomics CEO Chris Adsett, is not to test the grease for acceptance or quality, it is to test operational equipment for adequate application and contamination issues that may be associated with grease systems.


“Grease plays a major role in lubricating components in excavators, draglines, drills, shovels, rear dumps and many other pieces of equipment vital to production in mining and other instances where bulk materials are shifted.

“If these components are not adequately lubricated with grease, they will heat up and cause unnecessary wear of the metal or even premature damage to the operational systems,” he says.

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Equipment operators experiencing pumping issues, gear pitting or spalling, fluctuating or increased temperatures, blocked injectors or similar problems should have the grease analysed.

The most effective way of capturing a grease sample and then having the sample analysed is to contact Techenomics as there are various methods to take samples and different tests used to determine any issues with the equipment.

Techenomics has been performing grease analysis for more than 10 years and its failure analysis technicians are able to quickly identify issues associated with the wear debris and contaminants found in the grease. They are then able to make recommendations aimed at alleviating the issue.

“Better still,” Chris Adsett says, “regular testing of the greases used in equipment or plant enables us to establish trends that will identify upcoming issues.
“These trends allow operators to address the faults before they result in the loss of production due to downtime or even costly maintenance repairs,” he adds.

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