People believe cleaner and greener message but it is not being actioned

People believe cleaner and greener message but it is not being actioned

Techenomics comes to the Pilbara“Movers and shakers in industry and mining talking the talk but not walking the walk.”
It is obvious that despite the rhetoric of many companies about their credentials to give the world a cleaner and greener more sustainable future, the message is generally not being matched by actions, according to Techenomics.

Chris Adsett, CEO of the global fluid management provider, says Techenomics, along with many other companies and businesses servicing industrial, manufacturing and mining operations, is continually developing and implementing new ways to improve services and products.

These innovations are aimed at enhancing and optimising operations that not only drive greater productivity but also in a greener and more sustainable manner for the benefit of the planet.

“While we will continue along this path and are very proud of our achievements, it is disappointing that many movers and shakers in industry and mining are talking the talk but not walking the walk,” he said.

“Many of the companies that would benefit from our work, and that of many other service and product suppliers, are telling the world they are committed to a cleaner, greener world, but the message is not being matched by their actions.”

cleaner and greener

Adsett says it appears as though many of those who would benefit are not listening or not interested in listening, despite the fact that delivering a message has never been easier than in today’s Social Media age.

“You are always telling us you want local laboratories that give you fast turnaround of sample results. You say you support local, you even ask for laboratories at or near your mine site.
“We do that,” he says.
“You tell us you want continuous improvement and opportunities to improve your operations. We do that.
“You tell the world that you are committed to environmental improvement outcomes. We provide that.
“How do we tell you that we are doing all of this?” he asks.
“Does the Australian human risk profile match the utterings of senior management?”

Adsett says these utterings appear to be in line with a politically correct message and are increasingly what the global population wants to hear … but “with your operational staff, you have a dilemma”.

“This situation is not just frustrating for service and product providers like Techenomics, it also means that shareholders are being misled along with the interested, but uninformed, public, and means that these companies will never achieve their lofty utterings.”

Adsett says, “we may have a communication problem and you may not be listening to us, but your problem is bigger as people are listening and believing a message that is not being matched by your actions.”

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